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Onboarding customers who expect more


    Rev Worldwide was chosen by Virgin Australia to develop and manage their existing loyalty card – which now enabled card holders and new members to load multiple currencies onto a co-branded loyalty and prepaid card.

    Because funds were now linked to the card, this became a financial instrument and therefore covered by the AML/CTF legislation.

    With over 500,000 cards issued, every customer that activated the card had to go through an identity verification process – so it was essential that this process was scalable and easy to use from a member experience.


    We integrated an online ID verification function into the customer onboarding process, so cards could be activated within a few minutes of registration.

    Once a customer registers they are verified against a number of different data sources including drivers licences, property files, airline records, and other data to help prove their identity.

    Most importantly, the card and processes are aligned to the Virgin brand, providing smarter travel options that are easy to use.

  • “VIX Verify’s solution played an integral part in making the card an outstanding travel product, used by over 1 million customers.”

    AJ Taylor, Regional Operations Manager, Rev Asia Pacific


    Verification Against Multiple Sources

    Quick Loyalty Card Activation

    Enhanced Brand Experience