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Protect your company or yourself by checking the status of potential employees and tenants – in real time.

Increasingly, the burden to check for legal rights of potential employers and renters is not on the applicants. This creates extra work and risk for employers and landlords.

Mitigate your risks as an employer

With exorbitant fines and penalties in place for employers that hire illegal workers, greenID™ helps reduce this risk within a matter of seconds.

With access to one of the world’s largest databases of identity screening information, you can verify the identity of all potential employees using different identity documents including passports, driving licenses, visas and biometric residence cards.

To further ensure you’re always protected, greenID™ can be configured to capture the correct combination of documents, and if employees are working legally on restricted visas, you can be alerted when these documents are due to expire (visas etc.)

greenID™ can also be configured to work with your existing web-based or mobile screening processes.

Potential candidates can use their mobile phones to scan and submit copies of their identity documents, giving employers and landlords instant notifications when documents are submitted and if they’re not authentic.

Mitigate your risks as a landlord

In the UK, you must check that a tenant or lodger can legally rent a residential property in England. This means you need to check:

  • Any documents provided are originals and belong to the tenant
  • Any dates for the tenant’s right to stay in the UK haven’t expired
  • Any photos on the documents are the tenants
  • The dates of birth are the same in all documents (and are believable)
  • The documents aren’t too damaged or don’t look like they’ve been changed
  • If any names are different on documents, there are supporting documents to show the reasons, e.g. marriage certificate or divorce decree
  • If the tenant is arranging their tenancy from overseas, you must see their original documents before they start living at the property.

With greenID™ we can ensure these checks are made and store information so you have a clear, auditable trail.

Importantly, it’s all done seamlessly and integrates into your own systems, in real time.

To reduce your risk when checking candidates, contact us here.