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Established in 1887, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is New Zealand and Australia’s longest-established credit information bureau, helping businesses to make informed credit decisions, and consumers to access personal credit information.

Together, VIX Verify and D&B deliver electronic identity verification, using a combination of D&B’s unique data sets and VIX Verify’s flexible and intuitive platform, greenID™

With two of the most powerful solutions working together, we provide the most effective electronic identity verification tool in the market, providing protection against fraud and ensuring adherence with AML compliance requirements.

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When it comes to modern day commerce, NominoData helps clients with worldwide identity, compliance, and risk management issues.

Leveraging years of expertise, they’re revolutionising the field in risk management, fraud detection, fraud prevention, anti money laundering, enhanced search, data aggregation, entity recognition, entity resolution, name matching, name variations and innovative and productivity-boosting solutions.

NominoData provides VIX Verify with a unique database of domestic and international PEPs and associates plus global coverage of national and provincial governments PEPs.

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As a global provider of risk management and regulatory compliance solutions, Dow Jones Risk and Compliance provides VIX Verify with PEP and watchlist screening services.

Their global team of expert researchers cover more than 60 languages, delivering structured risk data, investigative research tools and professional services to organizations around the world – helping companies navigate Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Economic Sanctions, Third Party Due Diligence, and Commercial Risk operations.

With their partnership, we provide compliant solutions that empower fast and informed decision-making.

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Established over 25 years ago, Mastersoft develops software and solutions that manage the quality of customer master data, and work with the largest holders of customer information in Australia and New Zealand.

Their customers require accurate, reliable customer information to support high quality customer relationships, and Mastersoft’s solutions range from Correct Addressing through to Single Customer View platforms for relationship marketing, to Anti Money Laundering, Know Your Customer and many others.

Mastersoft helps increase greenID™ pass rates in Australia and New Zealand by providing accurate addresses for identity verification.

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Since 2014 PIM, Personal Information Management Limited (PIM) has been the New Zealand reseller of the greenID™ platform – working closely with VIX Verify to launch greenID™ to the New Zealand Market.

Recently, the PIM team has developed a service called KeepMe. This mobile app enables people to create a master record of their contact information that can be easily shared with other people and organisations.

It is intended that KeepMe will integrate with greenID™ to enable New Zealanders to simplify management of their digital identity

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Based in Brisbane, Imagus Technology, is a world-leading provider of biometric and computer vision technology, recently named a Top 20 Homeland Security solution provider.

Their unique, cutting edge Facial Recognition and image processing Technology includes applications for public safety and security, access control, document identification, identity management, personnel management and demographic data for focused advertising.

VIX Verify partner with Imagus to deliver biometrics expertise and leading biometric technologies and deliver 21st century solutions to 21st century problems to our partners and clients.

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Delivered as a managed service through an experienced team of risk analysts, ReD Shield provides instant decisions on eCommerce and mCommerce card-not-present transactions – enabling businesses to protect their revenues, support growth and enhance the customer experience.

And it’s not all about stopping all fraud. ACI’s ReD Shield goes beyond fraud prevention to help merchants optimize the mix of three key performance indicators – accept, deny and challenge– which link seamlessly with VIX Verify’s systems, including greenIDTM

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With over 27 years of research and innovation, Auraya Systems has become a world leader In optimising and configuring voice authentication solutions for Banking and Finance, Telecommunications and Retail industries.

In recent years, Auraya Systems has developed the ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System, which delivers voice biometrics systems integrators featuring:

  • Identity Authentication
  • ImpostorMap ™ Tuning
  • Impostor Rejection Technology

Together, Auraya and VIX Verify deliver voice recognition services anywhere in the world and in any language. So by saying who you are, we can tell if it’s really you.

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